About us

About us

We’re a company that comprehensively implements POSM campaigns, supporting the sale of customer products in distribution networks.

Since 2009, we have been working throughout the country and the EU. We produce POSM materials from plastics and wood such us stands, displays and other POS elements.

Our priority is customer satisfaction, we make every effort to provide the highest quality products at attractive prices.

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What we do?

we offer a comprehensive approach to the production process of POSM materials, from a project prepared by our qualified team to its implementation using modern technologies.

Our comprehensive offer includes:

  • CO2 laser cutting
  • CNC milling
  • PANEL SAW cutting
  • bending of plastics
  • plexiglass polishing
  • solvent bonding
  • bonding of plastics
  • UV bonding
  • prints
  • designing
  • packaging
  • storage

Get to know us better ...

we specialize in the design and production of sales support materials tailored to the campaign and individual customer needs. Our portfolio includes a wide range of POSM materials such as displays, display cabinets and dispensers, price covers, shleliflinears, toppers and others. We are involved at every stage of the project, we care about the high quality and professionalism of our services. This results in constant cooperation with many brands that have trusted us.


We have many years of experience in the design and production of POSM materials. Our qualified team of specialists takes care of the professional making each element, which ends up in the hands of the customer. Thanks to a modern machine park and continuous development, we create advertising stands, both of plastic and wood. Our portfolio includes many Polish and European brands.


Our priority is to strive for continuous development to provide the latest technologies and the highest quality of services we offer. We try to meet the expectations of our partners, we produce visually attractive POS materials and tailored to the needs of our client. Each of our products is covered by after-sales technical support.


Our goal is to take care of partner relations with clients. We are involved at every stage of the project. During the design process, we help in the selection of appropriate materials and technologies for production. We offer packaging and storage. We provide post-purchase support to our clients.


How do we work?

We offer comprehensive assistance in creating POSM materials for your brand.


Environmental activities are among the most important among brands today.

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