How to choose the right POSM?

How to choose the right POSM?

What form of POS to choose? Consumers are bombarded on all sides with promotional materials, affecting their incentives. Because of the overabundance of advertising messages, they become indifferent to them, so your POS must be unique enough to make the customer stop and yield to the desire to buy the product. So what to choose? Nail stand, floor stand, or maybe a tie?
Below are some solutions.

Loading Stands.
Free-standing advertising elements, usually placed in the area near the cash register. These carriers usually present smaller products, such as cosmetics, tobacco products, or food products. They are used both in single promotional actions and in the presentation of a specific product or their series. Displey-e nalad can be made of plastics (plexiglass, pvc, etc.), also natural materials ie. Plywood, or wood.

Floor stands.
These can be both counters, cabinets, e.g. for cosmetics, but also larger displays intended, for example, for consumer electronics, household appliances. Placed most often in larger store spaces. Presenting the brand’s products in an attractive way. Usually made of furniture board or plywood and plastic, often with additional LED lighting.

Small POS, usually placed on shelves in large markets, or in the checkout area. They are an inexpensive solution in relation to nalad or floor stands, but thanks to their interesting form, they present the product just as well. Designed mainly for products that customers reach for on a quick impulse, such as standing in a checkout line.

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